Swimming in the river

Dive into the heart of the Ardèche!

Summertime, nothing beats a refreshing dive in the river followed by long moments of idlesness under the warm sun of the Ardèche. For this, you will not be disappointed at Camping des Gorges! You have acces to a beautiull sand beach even the end destination for the famous downriver canoe ride of the Ardèche. But ofcourse, if you prefer, you can relax at one of our free sunbeds around the swimmingpool.

Natural beach

Lush surroundings

In the heart of the Ardèche

A river with thousand faces

If you prefer the subtle warmth of pebble beaches or soft sandy beaches, the river the Ardèche offers you all pleasure of a secular river with a rich history. Catching all types of fish, canoing or kayking throuht the famous Gorges de l'Ardèche, fantastic hiking trhough the river bed... it's only what you want to do that limits the possibilities in this beautiful preserved natural area.

Left, Saint Martin...

Unique cliffs

Right, the Gorges...